Compatibilizers in the Plastics Industry

Our selection of compatibilizer products come from our supplier, Fine-Blend.  Fine-Blend has been the front runner in the compatibilizer field for over 20 years and is the only one who owns both an upstream polymerization and a downstream modification platform.

What are Compatibilizers?

  • They are additives that make incompatible polymers compatible.
  • They have reactive groups on either end of the polymer chain that react with different polymers. 
  • Think of them as a "linking material" in which each end knows what it likes to link to and react with. 
  • They are especially important in the recycling of "contaminated" materials.

Chemistry of Compatibilizers

  • SAG products are random styrene-acrylonitrile- glycidyl methacrylate terpolymers
    • The main chain has excellent compatibility with ABS, ASA, and MIPPO
    • The GMA is highly reactive with various materials, such as PA, PBT, PET, PC, etc. 

How do Compatibilizers Work?

The terpolymer, styrene-acrylonitrile- glycidyl methacrylate (SAG), reacts with a low molecular weight with a polycarbonate compound or polycarbonate blend.

This allows for better performance and eliminates the residual end groups of PC and active groups from the degradation of PC, which provides double protection. 

Grades of Compatibilizers from Fine-Blend

  • SAG-002
  • SAG-008
  • SOG-03
  • SBG-001
  • SAM-020

Learn More About Compatibilizers from SACO AEI Polymers Distribution

If you are interested in learning more about our selection of compatibilizers, you can find the product selections on our website or contact us today with any questions. 

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