Improvement in Coefficient of Friction and Nylon W and C

Case Study Using Javachem GT-805

Javachem GT-805 has been proven to improve the coefficient of friction in nylon W&C. In this case study, we take a look at the improvements and benefits provided by this silicone masterbatch.

Silicone Masterbatches by Javachem

Javachem is the leasing silicone masterbatch producer in Asia. Their silicone masterbatch products are functionalized for better dispersion and reduced exudation. 

Silicone masterbatches are easier to produce, more consistent, and are globally commercial. A large market exists for silicone masterbatches to improve mold filling and surface appearance. 

Javachem GT-805 Success Story

A wire and cable producer needed to decrease the coefficient of friction of their THHN building wire that is installed in conduits. We suggested GT-805 (50% Siloxane in PA6) at 3-5% loading.

The addition of GT-805 at the extruder produced a cable jacket with a much smoother surface. The loading of the competitive material being used was reduced from 11% to 5% (> 50% reduction!) Another great benefit was the reduced die drool.

Advantages of Javachem GT-805

  • Fully compatible with nylon compounds
  • Reduced loading required versus the competition
  • Elimination of die drool
  • Increased smoothness and reduced coefficient of friction of jacket surface

Learn More About Javachem GT-805 Silicone Masterbatch

If you are interested in learning more about Javachem GT-805 silicone masterbatch, or any of our other products, contact us today.


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