Improvements in Flow, Mold Release, and Coefficient of Friction Using Specialty Additive

Webinar: Improvements in Flow, Mold Release, and Coefficient of Friction Using Specialty Additives 


On Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 SACO AEI Polymers Distribution is hosting a webinar and we're inviting you to join us!

SACO AEI Polymers distributes specialty additives, including some unique silicone masterbatches and additives for Engineered Thermoplastics (ETP) that have been used to enhance flow and mold release and reduce the coefficient of friction in parts for better scratch & mar resistance.

This Webinar will discuss these products and go over some case studies where customers have been able to enhance performance or reduce costs of finished goods. It will be presented by a team that includes field technical development, research scientists and business development management. These products are available now with 3-day delivery, are FDA compliant and are cost efficient versus competitive products.

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Learn from Our Team of Experts


Mike McCormack, Business Unit Manager
As a Business Unit Manager, Mike and his team is responsible for sourcing and distributing high-value additives for the plastics industry. These include compatibilizers, surface modifiers, chain extenders, flame retardants, impact modifiers, coupling agents, and scratch & mar resistance additives. Mike has spent most of his career in the chemical and plastic industry with roles in Marketing, Sales & Corporate Development in the Automotive, Wire & Cable, and Polymer Distribution markets. Mike has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University, received a Management Development Certificate from Case Western. He currently resides with his family in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Cosimo Carfagna, Global Business Development Manager
Cosimo joined SACO AEI Polymers in 2013, as Global Business Development Manager in the additives' area. The main focus of his position is on business development with functional additives, flame retardants, masterbatches, and customized specialty solutions to compounders and converters. He previously worked for global polymers and additives manufacturers, in various assignments in Italy, the Netherlands, and the USA. Cosimo graduated in Chemical Engineering at the “Universita’ Federico II” in Naples, Italy, defending an experimental dissertation on Liquid Crystal Polymers, which was the object of publications in scientific journals and received a national industry award. Later he held post-doc assignments at the University of Naples, University of Salerno, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, before joining the Polymer Industry.

Emily Vrbensky, Application Development Leader
Emily graduated from Case Western University in 2016 with a B.S. in polymer science and engineering. She has worked in the wire and cable industry since graduation, starting out as a materials engineer at a wire and cable manufacturer. She joined the SACO AEI team in 2019 as an application development leader, bringing with her a unique view of customer needs and processing issues common to wire and cable extrusion.

Dale Zevotek, Application Development Leader
With over 25 years of experience in plastics processing—including wire and cable, extrusion, injection molding, compounding and blow molding—Dale Zevotek brings an experienced and determined approach to any processing challenge. Dale started in fiber optics operations and engineering and worked his way through copper data, compounding, power cable production and molding—there is an encyclopedia of applications and processes Dale can draw from in his background. Mr. Zevotek received his degree in engineering from the United States Naval Academy and furthered his education with an MBA from Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC.

Specialty Additive Products Available Today!

If you're interested in learning more about Improvements in Flow, Mold Release, and Coefficient of Friction Using Specialty Additives available through SACO AEI Polymers Distribution, register for the webinar here! We look forward to seeing you on August 25th!

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