Mold Release Improvement with Silicone Masterbatches

Case Study Using Javachem TP-200E

Javachem TP-200E has been proven to improve mold release. In this case study, we take a look at the improvements and benefits provided by this silicone masterbatch.

Silicone Masterbatches by Javachem

Javachem is the leasing silicone masterbatch producer in Asia. Their silicone masterbatch products are functionalized for better dispersion and reduced exudation. 

Silicone masterbatches are easier to produce, more consistent, and are globally commercial. A large market exists for silicone masterbatches to improve mold filling and surface appearance.

Javachem TP-200E Success Story 

We had a customer who was a compounder that was new at glass-filled polypropylene and had recently installed a new feeder. Their customer had issues with surface appearance and demolding. 

So, they contacted us for a suitable processing aid. We suggested TP-200E (60% silicone in copolymer-PP) at a 3% loading. Since the base polymer used was recycled, their challenge was cost. 

They ordered one box, produced some material, and shipped to their customer, who validated the product. The addition of TP-200E produced a part with better surface appearance that demolded much better. It was a win for the compounder and the injection-molded cost of the additive, even in a recycled resin, is not prohibitive.

Advantages of Javachem TP-200E

  • Better/ easier flow to fill tools completely 
  • Lower fill pressure
  • Faster cycle times
  • More consistent parts
  • Easier/ better part ejection
  • Decreased flow lines
  • Decreased weld lines

Learn More About Mold Release Improvement 

If you are looking for cost-effective additives to improve the surface appearance of your parts, contact us at SACO AEI Polymers Distribution to learn more!

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