New Website Feature: Shopping Cart

About the SACO AEI Polymers Distribution Shopping Cart

  • New website feature in which we transact business via credit card.
  • We have been asked for this since the website went live. 
  • It is a safe and secure way to order material online:
    • Uses major credit cards
    • Third-party merchant account provides anonymity, security, and PCI compliance.
    • No card information is stored with us
  • Live chat feature for support is available to help with the process if needed. 
  • Customers can order with flat-rate shipping added or use their own shipping account. 
  • Order will be confirmed immediately.
  • Shipping information will follow from our Customer Satisfaction group as soon as it is available.

Advantage of the Shopping Cart

  • This gives the developmental customer the ability to order small amounts or purchase samples without giving up proprietary information on the application being working on. 
  • Credit card purchasing has been requested as a form of payment since our website went live. 
  • This is not only a good idea for the small client, but for larger clients who want small amounts of materials and the ability to get it without going through a gauntlet of questions, signing up for an account and giving up credit card information or proprietary data. 

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