PEXIDAN XLPE Moisture Cure

SACO AEI Polymers is a unique distributor of specialized additives, masterbatches, and compounds, including PEXIDAN, our trademark name for our moisture cure XLP.

Why Moisture Cure XLPE?

  • Easy to blend 2-part system
  • Can be produced on most Thermoplastic Extrusion lines
    •  Runs a lot like Thermoplastic PE
  • Lower cost, smaller footprint production line
    • Virtually the same as PVC and PE
  • Crosslinking is not size, thickness, or construction constrained
    •  In many cases, the finished product will cure in ambient conditions
  • Ability to meet tight flame requirements
    •  Which can be an issue with Sioplas

Advantages of PEXIDAN XLPE 

  • Formulation van be adjusted for different product sizes to optimize flame performance vs. cost
    • More or less CAT-FR
  • One graft can be used with many systems/ constructions
  • No discoloration on white
    • Which is a common issue with ebeam systems
  • Halogen Free systems are available 
  • Outstanding Customer Service!

Learn More About LEXIDAN XLPE 

If you are interested in learning more about our moisture cure XLPE, or any of our other quality products, contact us today!

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We’re a unique distributor of specialized additives, masterbatches, and compounds.

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