SACO AEI Polymers Custom Solutions

A Quick History of SACO AEI Polymers

In 2009, SACO AEI Polymers acquired the Aurora, Ohio site. This location had 30 years of experience in tolling and custom compounding. 

Our Custom Solutions Business Unit has been partnering with our customers to deliver compounding expertise and a very high level of customer service. We have a dedicated team working as an extension of our customer's business. This includes technical resources to walk customers through the process and scientists, engineers, buyers, and commercial representatives to assist as needed. 

Value Added: 

  • Formulation Support
  • Raw Material Management
  • Logistics 
  • Non-QC R&D

Why Customers Choose SACO?

  • To extend their manufacturing capacity during peak seasons or rapid demand increases.
  • To enhance their product line with specialty compounds they may not have the capability to make.
  • To enable them to research new resin and additive combinations. 
  • To cost-effectively obtain small lots that may not fit their manufacturing model.
  • To support ramp-up efforts for products that they may want to eventually produce in-house. 
  • To provide dependability and confidentiality.


Protecting Customer's Intellectual Property 

  • The Technical Liaison Manager is a dedicated technical resource for our customers. She is the steward of customer formulations and/or trade secrets. 
  • Confidential customer information is never disseminated or shared outside the Business Unit. 
  • The BU has its own secure server, and access to this information is limited. 

Manufacturing Capabilities 

  • North American and UK locations with ready access to Europe
  • Extensive expertise with a variety of compounding technologies 
  • Experience with a wide range of polymers, fillers, and additives
  • Strong R&D, Analytical, and QC test capabilities

Learn More About SACO AEI Polymers Custom Solutions 

If you would like to learn more about our custom solutions, contact us today and check out our video library to watch more videos like this. 

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